Statistical report of the fourth quarter of 2020

In pursuance with the Organic Law of the Independent Inspector’s Office, the Quarterly report has been prepared, which includes the activities of the latter from the 1st of October to December 31, 2020.

The statistical information enshrined in the document is processed according to the case categories, court instances, disciplinary misconduct and conclusions. In addition, information about the authors of the complaint and data about the judges are analyzed.

During the reporting period, the Office of the Independent Inspector discussed the prepared document on the key directions of strategic development with the representatives of the judiciary, international and non-governmental organizations. The presentation of the document developed as a result of recommendations and opinions, was held online, after which the independent inspector approved and published the latter on the website of the office.

It is noteworthy that the Office of the Independent Inspector worked remotely in the current quarter and provided both the investigation of incoming complaints and the professional development of the team. To this end, a number of training or workshops were held during the reporting period, including: a series of training on reasoning, supported by EU Judiciary support Project; An online meeting on personal data protection was also held with the support of the Council of Europe and in partnership with the European Network of Justice Inspection Authorities.

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