The Seminar Held for the Independent Inspector’s Office

On 24-25 September, 2018 with the support of Council of Europe’s ,,Support to the Judicial Reform in Georgia” project, the Spanish judge Juan Carlos da Silva held seminar on topic “Disciplinary Misconduct in the Court; Conceptual Framework and Types of Responsibility”.
The Seminar was preceded by the visit of Council of Europe’s expert on February 2018, aimed at the research of the Independent Inspector’s Office’s needs.
Within the framework of the seminar the participants overviewed the types of disciplinary liability in public service, enforcement of disciplinary law, procedural rights, and other important issues. 
The seminar also reviewed the new project of the basics of judicial disciplinary proceedings, developed within the “fourth wave” of judicial reform.
Within the framework of the seminar the discussion was held on topical issues and practical problems. The expert introduced participants of the seminar with international practice and shared experience on existing problematic cases related to disciplinary proceedings.

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