Visit in the capital of Spain – Madrid

With the support of the Council of Europe, Independent Inspector Ketevan Tsintsadze and staff members of the Office of Independent Inspector had study visit in Madrid, Spain.
Within the frames of the visit, meetings were held with Christina Palacio Herrene, the CGPJ International Relations Lawyer and the Chief Judge of the International Relations Department of the General Council of Justice; Juan Martinez, who is also a member of the General Council of Justice Council and Justice Ethics Commission; also, Ricardo Condé’s dias, which is a promoter of disciplinary proceedings; Elena Bourgo Herrez, a CGPJ inspectorate inspector. Meetings were also held with Maria Jose Ortizi Rodriguez, who is the CGPJ Inspectorate Officer. Betlemi Rogi Matteo, who is the head of the Technical Service Research and Accounts Department and the prosecutor
Participants of the meeting discussed the peculiarities of the Spanish and Georgian judiciary in the direction of disciplinary proceedings against judges. The Spanish Disciplinary Prosecution Procedure and Disciplinary Practice against Judges and existing challenges were discussed. The purpose of the visit was to study and share the best foreign practice in terms of disciplinary proceedings against judges.

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