Statistical report of the second quarter of 2020

In accordance with the requirement derived from the Organic law on “Common Courts”, the Office of the Independent Inspector has prepared a quarterly report, which encompasses information on the activities of the Office of the Independent Inspector from April 1 to June 31, 2020.
Statistical Information comprised in the document is processed according to the case -categories, court instances, disciplinary misconducts and conclusions. The statistical data on the status of the authors of complaints and judges are also analyzed.
It is noteworthy that during the reporting period, the number of referrals to the Office of the
Independent Inspector was reduced due to the Worldwide Covid Pandemic. However, despite the decreased number of complaints, the Office of the Independent Inspector continued to work remotely, taking care of the complaints received and fostering the professional development of the team.
At the same time, the High Council of Justice of Georgia has published the complaint form for a possible disciplinary misconduct by a judge, which was approved at the July 17, 2020 session.

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